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Are auggie and annie dating on covert affairs

Auggie & Annie (Walkerson) • No promises {Cover Affairs}

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Fans of USA Network's hit CIA caper, “. Covert Affairs Bosses Talk a 'Different' Annie, Preview Her Romantic Future CORMAN, What's standing in the way of any relationship when. Covert Affairs Season Finale Recaplet: Annie Gets Two Offers She Can't Or do you think she's ready to dive into a relationship with Auggie. 'Covert Affairs' star: 'No Annie, Auggie romance' he and co-star Perabo enjoy keeping Auggie and Annie's relationship "at a nice simmer".

The “honeymoon” period may not last long for Covert Affairs‘ Annie Walker and Auggie Anderson, who not long after finally coupling found themselves immersed in a mystery that has roots in Colombia but hit close to home.