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Farmer dating online tv

Farmer dating online tv Farmer dating online tv

Then you throw them in all in a slop bucket,force feed it to caged farm critters the night before slaughter,and this is the base appeal of one of the worst reality shows ever put on television. Blame this on the farmer dating online tv executives at FOX for bringing us pathetic wholesome what they've called family entertainment.

This is a matchmaking reality show where some big city Hollywood hopefuls compete to become the wife for a mid-American farmer. The young attractive,and some of them are pretty but not very bright starlets are seen breathing in mosquitoes and black flies as they labor on the farm and other chores to do in the midday sun.

And of course some of the girls do their chores in string bikinis in between digging post holes and lifting heavy bags of feed. And wearing high heels designer shoes under layers of expensive make-up?

Dating online tv farmer

It's amazing that Hollywood executives are planning a movie version of Green Acres by doing casting calls for the next Eva Gabor? Some of these girls would be perfect for the part of Lisa Douglass.

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Yes,these girls are somewhat pretty in looks,but completely dumb in others. Our farmer is either poor or moneyless,plain or cheap and he is no Eddie Albert neither. The farmer looks a bit like Goober Pyle or to some extent Mr.

Douglass' assistant Eb or to put it mildly Jethro Bodine. He is just a good looking dude with lighter hair and better posture with not a lot of farmer dating online tv there which in some episodes he looks at these "girls" like an actor who is begging for attention or to some looking like Dash Riprock on the verge of acting like Jethro Bodine or looking like Mr. Haney about to do wrong in some parts.

And they say that this was scripted?

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What script and can they act? What could possibly motivate fairly big normal city life girls to give up the easy life to marry a cheap farmer and do hard filthy labor?

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What would make them go from the big lights of the city to the hard living of the country? From Hollywood to Hooterville this was an attempt to see what happens next when they take a classic spin and make in reality. Was this review helpful to you?