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How avoid liars dating online

How avoid liars dating online

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February 13, By Chris Barncard Online daters intent on fudging their personal information have a big advantage: most people are terrible at identifying a liar. But new research is turning the tables on deceivers using their own words.

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The researchers compared the actual height, weight and age of 78 online daters to their profile information and photos on four matchmaking websites. They have a lot to think about.

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The less they write, the fewer untrue things they may have to remember and online later. Daters who had lied about their age, height or weight or had included a photo the researchers found to be less than representative of reality, were likely to avoid discussing their appearance in their written descriptions, choosing instead to talk about work or life achievements. A success rate of nearly two-thirds is a commanding lead over the untrained eye.

How to spot online dating liars Online daters who are lying tend to avoid using the words "I" and "me," and keep their "about me" blurbs brief. Online dating users generally write shorter profile descriptions. “They don't want to Liars avoid talking about topics they've already lied about. However, there is a difference between those little "white" lies and compulsive lies which the liar believes to be true. Compulsive liars must be avoided at all.

Weight was the most frequent transgression, with women off by an average of 8. Half lied about their height, and nearly 20 percent changed their age. Studying lying through online communication such as dating profiles opens a door on a medium in which the liar has more room to maneuver.

The back-and-forth of an in-person conversation is missing, giving a liar the opportunity to respond at their leisure or not at all. You can write and rewrite as many times as you want before you post, and then in many cases return and edit yourself.