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Engineering dating format pdf

Engineering dating format pdf Engineering dating format pdf

For example, the fourth day of February in the year is written in the standard notation as Other commonly used notations are e. Especially the first two examples are dangerous, because as both are used quite often in the U.

Engineering dating format pdf

ISO is only specifying numeric notations and does not cover dates and times where words are used in the representation. All of these alternatives can easily and automatically be distinguished from each other: The hyphens can be omitted if compactness of the representation is more important than human readability, for example as in If only the month or even only the year is of interest: or In engineering dating format pdf and industrial applications delivery times, production plans, etc.

Week 01 of a year is per definition the first week that has the Thursday in this year, which is equivalent to the week that contains the fourth day of January.

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In other words, the first week of a new year is the week that has the majority of its days in the new year. Week 01 might also contain days from the engineering dating format pdf year and the week before week 01 of a year is the last week 52 or 53 of the previous year even if it contains days from the new year.

A week starts with Monday day 1 and ends with Sunday day 7.

For example, the first week of the year lasts from to and can be engineering dating format pdf in standard notation as W01 or W01 The week notation can also be extended by a number indicating the day of the week. For example, the daywhich is the Tuesday day 2 of the first week ofcan also be written as W or W for applications like industrial planning where many things like shift rotations are organized per week and knowing the week number and the day of the week is more handy than knowing the day of the month.

An abbreviated version of the year and week number like W05 is sometimes useful as a compact code printed on a product that indicates when it has been manufactured. Note: The ISO standard avoids explicitly stating the possible range of week numbers, but this can easily be deduced from the definition.

Possible ISO week numbers are in the range 01 to A year always has a week There is one engineering dating format pdf exception: the year in which the Gregorian calendar was introduced had less than days and less than 52 weeks. Proof: Per definition, the first week of a year is W01 and consequently days before week W01 belong to the previous year and so there is no week with lower numbers.

Considering the highest possible week number, the worst case is a leap year like that starts with a Thursday, because this keeps the highest possible number of days of W01 in the previous year, i.

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On the other hand, considering the lowest number of the last week of a year, the worst case is a non-leap year like that starts with a Friday, which ensures that the first three days of the year belong to the last week of the previous year. Both day and year are engineering dating format pdf units of structuring time, because the position of the sun on the sky, which influences our lives, is described by them.

However the 12 months of a year are of some obscure mystic origin and have no real purpose today except that people are used to having them they do not even describe the current position of the moon.

Engineering dating format pdf

In some applications, a date notation is preferred that uses only the year and the day of the year between and in leap years. The engineering dating format pdf notation for this variant representing the day that is day of the year is or Leap years are years with an additional day YYYY, where the year number is a multiple of four with the following exception: If a year is a multiple ofthen it is only a leap year if it is also a multiple of For example, was not a leap year, but is one.

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Time of day The international standard notation for the time of day is hh:mm:ss where hh is the number of complete hours that have engineering dating format pdf since midnightmm is the number of complete minutes that have passed since the start of the hourand ss is the number of complete seconds since the start of the minute If the hour value is 24, engineering dating format pdf the minute and second values must be zero.

Note: The value 60 for ss might sometimes be needed during an inserted leap second in an atomic time scale like Coordinated Universal Time UTC. In practice you are not very likely to see a clock showing Most synchronized clocks resynchronize again to UTC some time after a leap second has happened, or they temporarily slow down near the time of a leap seconds, to avoid any disruption that an out-of-range timestamp might otherwise cause.

An example.