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Fwb dating someone else

Fwb dating someone else

So I've been in a friends with benefits for about months with this girl I met online. Before we had this agreement, we tried dating and realized we weren't right for each other in terms of a relationshipbut had fun so we decided on the friends with benenfits agreement.

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The first couple months were really fun because there were no emotions involved. But we started hanging out more as friends and going to the movies, having dinner together, going to events together that it turned more into a actual relationship.

Which I didn't object to because there was no commitment involved. A few weeks ago, she met this guy that should told me about and she said she was really into him.

Once I saw that text, I instantly became jealous. I don't know if this jealously stemmed from because she found a new guy and I wanted to be this guy or because our agreement might be coming to end. Now I know when we made this agreement, we shouldn't have started hanging out just as friend.

I didn't think I would get emotionally attached like I would in a relationship and turns out I did, but didn't realize this until she actually started talking about this guy.

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But I feel like all this hanging out we did, I got to know her a lot more and I actually started liking her. What doesn't help is she is moving away in four months and I'm pretty sure she has no romantic feelings for me.

Any advice would help me out I just need some people to talk about this situation. Thanks for your help in advance.

Fwb dating someone else

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