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Dating site leak pro updates

Dating site leak pro updates

It was specifically made in Apple's style with a fake back story for the purpose of deceiving rumor sites.

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We apologize for sharing the video and for the confusion. Apple is said to be close to launching a new version of its AirPods, which rumors suggest could include "Hey Siri" functionality, a wireless AirPods charging case, a new coating, and perhaps a black color. Ahead of the launch of the AirPods 2a tipster sent MacRumors two videos that Apple may be planning to use show off the new earbuds.

We've seen the two videos in their entirety, and can confirm that both have an Apple-like style that's reminiscent of the company's well-known iPod ads. The dancer in the videos is silhouetted which largely hides the AirPods from view, but in one of the videos, she takes AirPods out of their case and puts them in her ears.

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In both videos, with the brightness adjusted, the AirPods are visible in her ears. Unfortunately, there is no point in either video where the design of the second-generation AirPods is clearly visible, but we can garner some hints from what we can see.

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The second-generation AirPods look identical in design to the original AirPods, with no major changes apparent. In both videos, the dancer whips her head around while wearing the AirPods, perhaps suggesting that Apple plans to market a version of the AirPods that better stays in the ears.

That would be in line with rumors that have suggested the AirPods will feature a "new surface coating" that's more matte to enhance grip. There is no sign of black AirPods in either video, despite rumors suggesting Apple is working on a black color.

It's possible black AirPods are still in the works and are shown off in a different video that we haven't seen, and it's also possible Apple isn't planning to release black AirPods at this time. Apple's AirPods are rumored to be coming soon, and while we haven't heard specific dates from a reliable source, March 29 has been mentioned as a possible launch date by sites without a proven track record.

Apple is holding an event on March 25, and while rumors suggest it's going to be focused on software, new AirPods could still be announced at this event or shortly afterwards via press release.

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