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Dating site via sms

Dating site via sms

If any other characters are added before the opt-out word then the opt-out process won't work. With a long number Because a long number is dedicated to your company, you don't need a keyword to allow contacts to opt out.

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To opt out with a long number, contacts can simply reply or send a new SMS to your dating site via sms number with either the word 'STOP' or one of the other opt-out words above. The opt-out word must be the first word in the response from the contact in order to opt them out. Creating SMS contacts and address books SMS contacts and address books are created separately from your email contacts and address books.

Dating site via sms

If you're adding multiple contacts, each number should be on a separate line. Files should be no larger than 10MB.

Please ensure the source column containing the phone number is assigned to the destination column 'MobileNumber', whilst you can assign dating site via sms further source columns to 'Field1' up to 'Field5' which will enable you to personalise the SMS campaigns you send. You'll probably want to keep the information in any additional fields as short as possible, bearing in mind an SMS has a limit of characters.

Once you've created other SMS address books, they'll be listed here too. This will take you through to the 'Edit SMS contact' page. It's a good idea to ensure the information added here is as short as possible, bearing in mind an SMS has a limit of characters. Once happy, click Save.

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To edit an SMS address dating site via sms, click Edit alongside the required address book. This will take you through to the 'Edit SMS address book' page where you can alter the name of the address book and the description. You can exceed this amount, meaning your message will flow into a second SMS, as indicated by the counter at the foot of the message.

Personalising your SMS campaign You can add personalisation by clicking on the personalisation icon to the right of the message box icon and selecting any one of the five fields.

For instance, clicking Field 1 will add FIELD1 to your dating site via sms and the value held against your contact for this field will be added to your message when it's sent. Please note that there's a character limit for a personalisation field. Click Save when you're happy. The 'Send campaign' page will display. Click Confirm and send. Once happy, click Send.

The message is sent immediately. A page will confirm the message has been sent, along with the amount of send credits you have remaining.

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The contact that you've sent to will also be added to your 'All contacts' SMS dating site via sms book if they didn't already exist before. Campaign sends On the 'My reports' page, your sent campaigns are listed, along with details on how many have been sent, how many have been delivered and the date and time the campaign was dating site via sms sent. Click on the campaign to go into the campaign's report.

There are five tabs into which contacts are divided and listed, depending upon the SMS report status received for them: Delivered: This indicates that your message has been successfully delivered to your contact. No delivery receipt: This indicates that, whilst your message has been sent and is with the contact's network, it hasn't yet been possible to deliver it to your contact's mobile phone for instance, their phone may be switched off.

It may take time to deliver the message. Failed: This indicates that your message has failed to deliver.

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These reasons aren't explicitly provided in reporting. Expired: This indicates that the time period allowed for message delivery expired, and as a result, the message wasn't delivered.

Dating site via sms

A network will allow for a certain amount of time when attempting to deliver a message to a contact's phone and, whilst this will differ between networks, it will usually be somewhere between two to three days. This can happen when a phone is out of range and remains out of range, or if it is switched off for this period. Deleted: This indicates that the message was deleted by the network without being delivered.

Site via sms dating

It's a rare status that networks occasionally enforce. This is real-time reporting. You can keep refreshing the report, or come back to it later, and see the statuses change as your SMS campaign continues to get delivered. You'll be able to do this for a few days, after which time networks will expire undelivered messages. Single sends If you send a message using the 'Send single message' page, or via the API, or via a program node, then this report lists your single sends.

It provides details on the number it was sent to, the country, the date and time it was sent, and the starting content of the message. You can click on Preview to see the dating site via sms message content. Managing replies to your SMS campaigns Your SMS campaign is likely to require your contacts to reply with a word or piece of information which opts them in or out of further communications.

You can access these by clicking on Replies. All replies are listed on the 'My replies' page, displaying the contact's mobile number, the date the reply was received and the message received. Viewing suppressed.

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