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Dating site za imunitet

Dating site za imunitet

Undisbursed Loan amounts will be offset against the last repayment instalment due at any one time pursuant to the Repayment Schedule unless KfW after prior consultation with the Borrower, at its own discretion, chooses another offsetting mode in an individual case.

If the repayment instalment due for payment exceeds the Loan amount outstanding under the respective Portion, KfW will reduce the repayment instalment due by the amount representing the difference and increase every remaining dating site za imunitet instalment still outstanding by the amount representing the difference divided by the number of repayment instalments still outstanding.

KfW reserves the right to postpone taking disbursements that are made within 45 days prior to the respective Payment Date into consideration for the determination of the outstanding Loan amount until the next but one Payment Date. The following will apply to prepayments: a Right of prepayment of the Loan.


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The Borrower may repay the Loan in dating site imunitet or in part but at least in the amount of one repayment instalment as per Article 6. A prepayment of a Loan amount pursuant to Article 6. Such notice is irrevocable; it must specify the date on which the prepayment is to be made, the amount to be prepaid, and it obliges the Borrower to pay to KfW the stated amount on the specified date.

Together with the prepayment the Borrower will also pay the following amounts: aa any prepayment fee accruing as a result of the prepayment of Loan amounts; and bb all interest accrued on the prepaid Loan amount up until the date of the prepayment. If the Borrower repays an amount of the Loan prior to the scheduled Payment Date the Borrower will pay to KfW a prepayment fee for this premature repayment.

Dating site za imunitet

The prepayment fee will be computed on the basis of the difference between i the interest which KfW could have charged for the corresponding Loan amount until the end of the interest period and ii the interest which KfW can earn by reinvesting the corresponding Loan dating site imunitet imunitet consideration of the agreed repayments performed up until the end of the interest period, for https://findyoufriend.agency/cats3/2929-i-have-no-dating-experience.php the difference will have to be discounted on the basis of the interest curve for reinvestments.

KfW will in consultation with the Borrower determine the amount of the prepayment compensation and communicate it to the Borrower. In the event that Article 6. Calculations and Payments in General 7.

Imunitet za dating site

Interest, the commitment fee, default interest pursuant to Article 7. If a payment to be made in dating site za imunitet with this Agreement falls due on a date that is not a Banking Day as per Article If the following Banking Day falls within the next calendar month, such payment must be made on the preceding Banking Day.

The Borrower is not entitled to assert any rights of retention or set-off or comparable rights against payment obligations under this Agreement unless such rights are recognised by declaratory judgment or have not been contested in writing by KfW.

If any repayment instalments or prepayments pursuant to Article 6. This rate must at least equal the loan interest rate. For overdue amounts with the exception of such repayment instalments and prepayments as mentioned in Article 7.

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Negative Pledge and Pari Passu 8. To the extent permitted by law, the Borrower undertakes to perform the obligations under this Agreement pari passu with all its dating site za imunitet existing or future unsecured and not subordinated payment obligations. Costs and Public Charges 9.

The Borrower will make all payments under this Agreement without any deductions for taxes, other public charges or other costs. In the event that the Borrower is obliged by law or for other reasons to effect deductions or withholdings on payments, the payments made by the Borrower will increase by such amount as is necessary in order for KfW to receive in full the amounts due under this Agreement after deduction of taxes and charges.

The Borrower will bear all costs and expenses accruing in connection with the disbursement and repayment of the Loan, in particular remittance and transfer costs including conversion feesas well as all costs and expenses accruing in connection with the maintenance or enforcement of this Agreement.

The Borrower will bear all taxes and other public charges accruing outside the Federal Republic of Germany in connection dating site za imunitet the conclusion and execution of this Agreement. Prior to the first disbursement from the Funds, the Borrower will furnish evidence to KfW proving that KfW is exempted from any and all taxes on income from interest, commissions and similar charges in the Republic of Serbia when extending the Funds.

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Special Https://findyoufriend.agency/cats16/2634-best-dating-sites-for-single-mom.php The Borrower dating site za imunitet ensure that the persons whom it or any of the Municipalities and their Water and Wastewater Utilities entrusts with the preparation and implementation of the Programme, the award of any contract for the supplies and services to be financed, and with requesting amounts from the Funds do not demand, accept, make, grant, promise or accept the promise of unlawful payments or other advantages in connection with these tasks.

With regard to the transport of the goods to be financed from the Funds, the free choice.