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Dating site xx intro live
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What this means is that, while in traditional key-value stores you associated string keys to string values, in Redis the value is not limited to a simple string, but can also hold more complex data structures. The following is the list of all the data structures supported by Redis, which will be covered separately in this tutorial: Binary-safe strings.

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Lists: collections of string elements sorted according to the order of insertion. They are basically linked lists.

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Sets: collections of unique, unsorted string elements. Sorted sets, similar to Sets but where every string element is associated to a dating site xx intro live number value, called score. The elements are always taken sorted by their score, so unlike Sets it is possible to retrieve a range of elements for example you may ask: give me the top 10, or the bottom Hashes, which are maps composed of fields associated with values.

Dating site xx intro live

Both the field and the value are strings. This is very similar to Ruby or Python hashes. Bit arrays or simply bitmaps : it is possible, using special commands, to handle String values like an array of bits: you can set and clear individual bits, count all the bits set to 1, find the first set or unset bit, and so forth.

HyperLogLogs: this is a probabilistic data structure which is used in order to estimate the cardinality of a set. Don't be scared, it is simpler than it seems See later in the HyperLogLog section of this tutorial. Streams: append-only collections of map-like entries that provide an abstract log data type.

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They are covered in dating site xx intro live in the Introduction to Redis Streams. It's not always trivial to grasp how these data types work and what to use in order to solve a given problem from the command referenceso this document is a crash course to Redis data types and their most common patterns. For all the examples we'll use the redis-cli utility, a simple but handy command-line utility, to issue commands against the Redis server.

The empty string is also a valid key. A few other rules about keys: Very long keys are not a good idea. For instance a key of bytes is a bad idea not only memory-wise, but also because the lookup of the key in the dataset may require several costly key-comparisons. Even when the task at hand is to match the existence of a large value, hashing it for example with SHA1 is a better idea, especially from the perspective of memory and bandwidth.

Very short keys are often not a good idea. There is little point in writing "uflw" as a key if you can instead write "userfollowers". The latter is more readable and the added space is minor compared to the space used by the key object itself and the value object. While short keys will obviously consume a bit less memory, your job is to find the right balance.

Try to stick with a schema.

For instance "object-type:id" is a good idea, as in "user". Dots or dashes are often used for multi-word fields, as in "commentreply. The maximum allowed key size is MB. It is the only data type in Memcached, so it is also very natural for newcomers to use it in Redis.

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Since Redis keys are strings, when we use the string type as a value too, we are mapping a string to another string. The string data type is useful for a number of use cases, like caching HTML fragments or pages. Let's play a bit with the string type, using redis-cli all the examples will be performed via redis-cli in this tutorial. Note that SET will replace any existing value already stored into the key, in the dating site xx intro live that the key already exists, even if the key is associated with a non-string value.

So SET performs an assignment. Values can be strings including binary data of every kind, for instance you can store a jpeg image inside a value.

Dating site xx intro live

A value can't be bigger than MB. The SET command has interesting options, that are provided as additional arguments. Internally it's always the same command, acting in a slightly different way. What does it mean that INCR is atomic? That even multiple clients issuing INCR against the same key will never enter into a race condition. For instance, it dating site xx intro live never happen that client 1 reads "10", client 2 reads "10" at the same time, both increment to 11, and set the new value to The final value will always be 12 and the read-increment-set operation is performed while all the other clients are not executing a command at the same time.

There are a number of commands for operating on strings. You can use this command, for example, if you have a system that increments a Redis key using INCR every time your web site receives a.

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