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Dating sites usa gdp login

Dating sites usa gdp login

It may come as a surprise, but this is really a matter of China simply reasserting its position as the world's largest economy, which it had lost around to the United States.

Over the years from tothe available data seems to suggest that the largest economy in the world almost always been either China or the United States. The one exception indicated was inwhen India had the highest GDP for most years there is only incomplete data.

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Further, in the earlier years, virtually all nations had very low GDPs per capita. This was to begin changing with the industrial revolution.

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Thus, the early data can be characterized as being strongly related to population, because there was much less difference in GDP per capita based on level of development. France was a distant third at approximately 18 billion, followed closely by Italy and Germany. What is now the United Kingdom ranked 10th, at barely one quarter the output of France Figure 1.

India had the strongest economy inclosely followed by China.

Throughout the entire period to the middle of the 20th century, China's economy was larger than India's by a relatively small margin. The United Kingdom was yet to break into the top five, ranking eighth Figure 2. India was second, slightly more than one half that of China. The available data shows China to have retained the top position through India ranked third, followed by the United Kingdom and Japan Figure 4.

China, then reeling from social disorder and civil strife, still remained the second largest economy, but trailed the United States by approximately two thirds. There was little difference between China and the next three largest economies, Germany, the United Kingdom and India Figure 5.

Dating sites usa gdp login

Germany was a close third, followed by Italy and France. India ranked ninth, approximately 30 percent ahead of 10th ranked China. This had been a dramatic reversal, since China's GDP had been little more than one tenth that of the United States only 30 years earlier India was also restored to a leadership position, ranking third.

Dating sites usa gdp login

Japan was fourth and Germany was fifth Figure 7. The United States was second, approximately four percent behind China. India, Japan and Germany remained in dating sites usa gdp login, fourth and fifth place Figure 8. Two other powers of Europe round out the top 10, the United Kingdom and France.

It seems likely that this is at least partially attributable to the Opium Wars, treaty ports and related extraterritorial jurisdiction by external powers.

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China's GDP in had fallen 10 percent from its level. It is notable that through much of their empire-colonial relationship between the United Kingdom and India, the colony had the larger GDP.

This was the case from through This is principally due to the larger population of India. Mexico and Japan would follow Brazil, with Nigeria and Germany rounding out the top ten.

Of course, no one knows for sure. Forecasting economics is even harder than forecasting population.

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