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Bulgarian dating site wikipedia

This is because it of the bulgarian dating site wikipedia that the night will bring prosperity to the home here the future. Preparations[ edit ] An oak like these in the Bulgarian mountains are most likely to be used for the budnik In Bulgariait is an important part of Christmas Eve preparations.

A prayer for forgiveness was necessary before it could be chopped down and carried on one's right shoulder as it is not allowed to touch the ground.


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In some regions, upon the man's return he asks "Do you glorify the Young God? After that a hole is bored in one end of the budnik and filled with Chrism made of wine, cooking oil, and incense.

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The hole is plugged, and that end of the log is wrapped bulgarian dating site wikipedia a white linen cloth before the badnik is festively burned on the hearth. The log burns on throughout Christmas Daywhen the first visitor strikes it with a poker or a branch to make sparks fly, requesting that the family's happiness and prosperity be as abundant as the sparks.

The log is considered to possess special healing powers and the ritual includes songs and uttering of wishes as the log is lit.

The log has to burn all night and it is believed that its warmth and light symbolise the coming of Christ as well as providing a warm welcome to Virgin Mary and the family's ancestors, who are believed to be guests at the table according to traditions in some regions.

Sometimes the fire is put out using wine in the morning.

Remains of the log are cherished and sometimes used to make personal crosses, but mostly its ashes are spread over a field or vineyard to induce better yields.